Moving Sucks

Moving sucks . . .

For many of us this is no surprise.  It's a well-known fact that no one likes moving, so why bring it up at all?  I don't know, maybe because there are a few people out there who don't know how much it sucks.  Or maybe, just maybe, someone out there has forgotten how much they despise moving.  Or maybe I'm in the middle of moving again, and I want to vent about it.

Take your pick. 

I've moved a lot, making me somewhat of an expert, so allow me to pontificate on the subject. 

When I was 17 my family moved for the first time since I was . . . I don't know, eight years old.  We moved to Arizona, where I lived for a year before moving to Brazil for two years to serve a mission for my church.  
When I got back from my mission in Brazil my parents had moved to Utah again, different house.  So I moved in with them for a while.  After a few months I started college, so I moved into an apartment near campus. 
A few months after being in this apartment I nearly got my roommate evicted for never cleaning anything and threatening me, so the apartment complex released me from my contract and I moved in with my brothers.  Shortly thereafter I took a job doing summer sales in California.  After that, back to my parents, then to an apartment, then to another apartment, then to Colorado for a summer job, then back to my parents, then to an apartment, then I got married. 
When I got married I figured that I would "settle down".  You know, that's what people do.  It's cool.  Apparently not for me.  We were in our first apartment for maybe 3 months.  We ran out of money, moved in with my parents, I joined the military and shipped out to basic training.  
So 10 weeks at Fort Jackson, 4 weeks at Little Creek naval base, then back to my parents.  Then we moved into another apartment for the summer, then another apartment in the fall.  Then we took another summer job to Missouri.  Then another apartment.  
We thought we were done for a while.  My wife graduated college, I was nearly graduated.  I had a crappy job, but we had enough to get by.  Then I got a call offering me a job . . . in Virginia.  Turns out Virginia didn't work out for the company so they sent us to Maryland instead.  Maryland has not been my favorite place.  
So now we've spent a year in Maryland.  Turns out we didn't like the job out here, and I most certainly didn't like Maryland much. . . . so here we go again.  Back to my parents, then hopefully another apartment where we can hopefully settle down for hopefully longer than a year.  
And that right there is the story of my adult life.  Or at least my life represented by my moves. 
It's been a crazy time over the last 10 years.  
I've learned a lot through all of these moves, some good some bad.  I've learned that until you know you're going to be in a place for a long time, don't bother spending any money on things like furniture, TV's, lots of clothes.  All they do is make it more difficult to move.  Also, I've learned that there are a few places that I never want to live in again, like South Carolina, California, and Maryland.  I've learned that if work takes you away from your family too much then it doesn't matter how much money you make you won't be happy.  Always be willing to give up something good for something better.  Having a life and a great lifestyle is preferable to having a high paying job.  Working with good people is essential to having a fulfilling career.  Having a piano is awesome, but it also makes moving difficult, because no matter how much of your stuff you sell you're still going to need a moving truck.  And last but not least, having good speakers for your entertainment center is way better than having a big screen TV, they're easier to pack up and they make watching movies awesome even if you only have 32 inches of screen real estate.  
So moving sucks, nobody is happy while you're moving.  But going new places, experiencing new things, making new friends, that's pretty great.  But you don't really have to move new places to experience all those things.  

The end. . . . until the next move. 


Dexter said…
I enjoyed this post immensely. Well written, clever, and ends with a few great points. I counted 23 different moves, including your mission and basic training.