My Top Music of 2013 - The Honorable Mentions

In my last 3 posts I've talked about each of my top 8 favorite artists of 2013.  While those were great artists and albums, they weren't the only things that I listened to all year.
Here are some of the other artists that I was digging all year long.  I'm sure if I went through all of my favorite artists of the year this would have turned from a 4 post blog series into a 50 post blog series.  There's so much good music in the world.  So I hope you enjoy listening to the "Honorable Mentions", the artists who captivated my interest for a time in 2013, who show great promise but didn't quite have that "wow" factor that the top 8 did.


Fitz and the Tantrums

I nominate them for having a really great retro sound, and bringing back that Motown feel to modern music.  Too bad their follow-up album in 2013 was such a flop, but their 2012 self-titled album was a lot of fun.

Wildlife Control

I have mentioned for having great arrangements and lyrics.  They're songs are really catchy and well written.  It's a shame their lead singer really struggles as a vocalist.  I would love to hear their songs redone with someone who can sing them properly.

Brad Mehldau

Brad is the man.  He writes such creative and interesting songs.  His use of so many different instrumentations is so refreshing coming from a jazz/classical pianist.  He also brings a flare of modern rock/hip hop to some of his arrangements.  His stuff is very refreshing.

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals

For having some really awesome songs, namely "Stars" and "Paris (Ooh La La)", which I do thoroughly enjoy.


Muse was probably my most listened to artist of 2012, so I didn't listen to them as much in 2013, but I thought that I would at least give a shout out to their 2013 album The 2nd Law.  It wasn't a mind-blowing album, but they had a few good songs (namely "Madness" and "Supremacy").  It was a good concept for an album, but it sounded too much like U2 for me to give them much credit, but those two songs are in my "Keeper" pile.

Kurt Elling

During 2013 Kurt Elling went from being this one guy that I saw this one time at a jazz clinic when I was younger to being my favorite male jazz singer.  Kurt Elling's style and creativity is mystifying and his voice is something I envy.

The Bad Plus

If you want something that's really out there, The Bad Plus is the way to go.  My way of describing their music and ensemble is: they're a trio consisting of a classical pianist, a jazz bassist and a rock drummer who take popular songs/movie themes and make them ridiculously cool (in a jazzy way).  They're a fun group when they get the song right, and they can be downright weird when they get into "Free jazz" mode.

And finally, last but not least

Earth, Wind and Fire

Because there's never a bad time to listen to "Shining Star".