A Tongue-in-cheek Milestone

It has been a monumental month in my blogging career.  This blog started just a month ago.  I've put in some time and effort to making it look cool.  I've tried to simplify the layout.  I wrote a few blog posts.  I put some ads on it.  Recipe for success right?  Exactly.
It is on this wonderful day that I shall (in the most sarcastic way) celebrate my blog having made me money.  Yes, that's right, money!  In just 1 month I have gone from making $0 to making a whole, whopping, $.01.
Yes, I know it may seem like bragging, but don't worry; I don't say these things to brag, or to make you feel like an insignificant, money grubbing fool.  I say them so that we can celebrate together.  And so that you can bask in the awesome and magnificent glory of my penny.  That brassy, germ infested beauty.  I have no idea where it's been but I'm glad it has found it's way into my Adsense.
All you people who work for a living just don't understand the freedom that blogging can bring.  I write and money just drops into my Adsense account.  I know what you may be thinking, that we all have to work for a living in the real work, but let us not dwell on the negative today, my friends.  Like the 10 hours a day that we may work to eke out a living, or the countless business plans that have failed, or the many hours spent getting that college degree that doesn't equate to job security.  No, we shan't dwell on these negative aspects of life, for today we celebrate.  Today we revel in the joy of making money online.
Raise your glasses with me today; filled with lemonade, fruit punch, or any other delicious beverage. Toast with me; to the future.  Here's to the little guy, who, after countless hours waiting at the DMV and not doing his homework has penned the words that have become household favorites.  Never mind that half of the visitors to this illustrious blog are family members or close friends.  Never mind that, on average, readers only stay for 4 minutes, for today we celebrate our successes.  Today we celebrate our milestones.  Toast with me to the long, illustrious career of anyone who strives to make money in the arts.  May the dollars flow to them as easily as this cent has flowed to me.  And may many more people click on ads so that that cent doesn't get lonely.