My Top Music of 2013 - Part 3

Over the course of this week I've posted Part 1 and Part 2 of my list of top artists for the year 2013. Here are the final three artists from my list of favorites.  One legend and two little-known artists for your musical consideration.

#6: Billy Joel - Live at Shea Stadium

Yeah I know that Billy Joel is old stuff, but it's good stuff.  Billy Joel is a pretty famous guy, and most people know at least one of his songs, but this album gave me a new appreciation for Mr. Joel.  I like this album more than I like the studio versions of the same songs.  The performance of Joel and his band is phenomenal.  The last half of the album has a tendency to drag a little bit, but that's just because it's a long album.  The first half is amazing.

#7: Ben L'Oncle - Ben L'Oncle Soul

This is the first little-known artist on my list.  I saw that a friend of mine was listening to him on Spotify, so I listened and was immediately hooked when I listened to Ben's version of "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes.  I like it way more than the original song.
Ben is a French soul singer who sings who does some really upbeat stuff on this album both in French and English.
This album has some great soul music that'll make you want to dance, and it got me through a number of really boring days at work.  "Seven Nation Army" is by far the best song on the album and therefore is the only song I felt I needed to put on my playlist.

#8: Eyes Lips Eyes - Blue Red, "Tickle"

Eyes Lips Eyes is a great band, originally from my home town of Provo, Utah.  A really creative dance band, this track is the only track that remains from their first album.  The rest of the album, for some inexplicable reason, was taken off of Spotify.  All that is left now are some singles that don't really measure up to the greatness of the Blue Red album. "Tickle" is all that remains, and so all I can do is listen to this one track and hope that one day Eyes Lips Eyes will bring back the whole album one day.