My Top Music of 2013 - Part 2

Earlier this week I posted Part 1 of my list of favorite artists of 2013.  I started off with Kimbra and Esperanza Spalding at the top.  Here the next three in my list of top artists.  I hope you enjoy, because I know that I did.

#3: Arctic Monkeys - AM

This one surprised me.  I had heard of the Arctic Monkeys but was really just not interested in them before.  I only started listening to this back in November of 2013, so it was a recent addition but it made #3 because it was so shockingly good that I couldn't help but rank it high.
I'll admit up front that only about half of the album is really awesome, but that half that is so good that it more than deserves to be #3 on my list.
The first four songs on the album are killer.  From the very first time I listened to it I thought to myself "THIS is Arctic Monkeys?!".  The beats are sick, the arrangements are interesting and engaging, the harmonies are varied.  It has this feel of being part rock part hip hop album.  There is this flare of hip hop/R&B throughout the album that really resonated with me.
This is one of those albums that I'm going to be listening to all through 2014 as well.

#4: Radiohead - The Bends, OK Computer

I know these albums are ancient history for most, but throughout 2012-13 I was listening to these albums.  In my humble opinion they are by far Radiohead's best albums.  These two albums are timeless and are worth any musicians times to listen to.  Even if you're not a fan of rock you'll be a fan of Radiohead's interesting music.

#5: John Mayer - Where The Light Is

I had always associated John Mayer with lame pop-rock songs written for teens.  I didn't know much about him, and I wasn't interested in knowing about him because I had only heard his songs Your Body Is a Wonderland and  Bigger Than My Body, so he seemed pretty dismiss-able to me.
One day I was riding to a rehearsal with some friends of mine.  The driver had a CD playing when we got in there.  With all of the guitar riffs and bluesy vocals I thought that I was listening to Stevie Ray Vaughn.  When my friend told me it was John Mayer I immediately pulled out my phone and added that album to my Spotify list of songs to listen to.
This one album changed my whole perspective of John Mayer.  He went from musical scum to songwriting and blues great in my eyes.  I also think that this particular live album is better than any studio album he's put out.