In the Beginning

This is not my first blog.  I've started a number of blogs over the last few years.  One in which I tried to promote a failed business that I started (music promotion consultant), and another where I was just talking about the music business, and another where my family keeps up with each other.
Blogging is something that I've always been interested in because I have a keen interest in writing, but currently don't have the fortitude or patience to write a full novel (which I still plan on doing one day), and because it has the potential to make me money (hence my other blogs being about business).

I must admit to all of my readers, if in fact there ever are any, that I don't t really have a clear vision of where this blog is going or what it's purpose is.
I know that I read a lot, and that I think a lot, and that I would like to write a lot; my supposition is that by writing about what I read and think about, that I'll get better at writing and that people will somehow be interested in what I have to say.
I'm sure that not all of what I write will be interesting to everyone, and at this point I'm not really counting on very many people reading my blog.  What I am after is simply a way for me to write more, get used to publishing my opinions where others can read and give feedback, and maybe (just maybe) make a few bucks from AdSense (Hey, everyone should have a dream right?).
I hope to publish my second post soon, and I hope that this blog will be at the very least interesting, and quite possibly useful for some.